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Modular Buildings 4W 4L 1H

Base Module, Measures 7.44 X 7.44 mts.
SALES $ 143,350.00 MXP*
RENT $   6,200.00 MXP*
      · Offices.
      · Day-care centers.
      · Health Clinics.
      · Camp sites.
      · Schools
      · Work stations
      · Dormitories.
      · 100% demountable and
         recoverable system.
      · Installed and assembled in a
         few hours
      · The most efficient and inexpensive
         system on the market
      · One and two story units..
      · Highly efficient transportation costs.
      · We deliver throughout Mexico
        and abroad
      · In stock and immediately available.
      · Wide range of sizes and designs.
      · Special designs available.
      · Manufactured directly by our
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Edificio Modular
Edificios Modulares
Edificios Modulares
Oficina Móvil 37183
Base Module   Additional Module
4 Windows
2 Windows
2 Outer doors
1 Outer door
2 Light switches
1 Light switches
4 Fluorescent lamps.   4 Fluorescent lamps.
External wiring with 6 double sockets.
External wiring with 6 double sockets.
PLEASE NOTE: *Price + V.A.T. Does not include mounting, freight nor concrete foundation *Hydraulic installations (water and sewage), and electric power installation shall be paid by client.
Price quote for additional module is provided separately. Prices valid only within the Mexican Republic
. All Prices are in Mexican Pesos
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